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Brooklyn, New York 11222
Charleston Studio
609 Tennessee Ave.
Charleston, West Virginia 25302
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“MESH has provided invaluable brand support through the course of Mission Savvy's enterprise development. With every new business concept we build, MESH maintains our brand values, assures our avenues of consumer interaction are engaging and our communication tools support the company mission. Mission Savvy's pop-up juice shop, traveling vegan food truck, full-service cafe, and workshop kitchen all require niche marketing and identity, which MESH has brilliantly adapted to for the success of our evolving business model." - founder, Jennifer Miller, Charleston, West Virginia
"Arts Council of Kanawha Valley has been astounded by the design, creativity and level of professionalism from this young company. MESH understands that the Arts Council can be a risk taker with marketing and delivers amazing, thought-provoking ideas. The “What is Art?” campaign is an ingenious use of community authored definitions of their values - and the end results are inspirational. MESH has always offered the highest level of professionalism, punctuality, flexibility and accessibility. If your company is looking for a new perspective, look no farther!" - NAOMI BAYS,
Chair of the Arts Council of Kanawha Valley Charleston, WV
“Fantastic! Thank you for making known to the world the philosophy of Parikrma." - MERLYN RAO, coordinator, Parikrma Humanity Foundation, Bangalore, India
“The brand identity that MESH developed for Jamsnation has proven to be an invaluable investment. They understood my initial vision and brought it to life. Now, as my company grows, I am able to make decisions about packaging, displays, and promotions confidently and fluidly based on the (flexible) identity guidelines that MESH created for me. These guidelines have helped me make decisions on everything from naming products to photography styling and art direction. I've realized how important a cohesive image is for a young company and am glad that I worked with MESH so early on." - MELISSA TYSON, founder of Jamsnation, Brooklyn, New York
“You went above and beyond. You did a great job, I like your design sense, and people really loved the work. Thank you for staying up late to make it work. I definitely recommend you!" - ELI PARISER, author of The Filter Bubble and former ED of
New York, New York
"Megan is a graphic designer of the highest caliber and Josh turns even the most unfocused ideas into vibrant reality. It's not enough to say they have been our partners - more accurately, they have been our most trusted guides during a year that included a major rebranding, more than a dozen project-based micro-sites and the creation of a multi-layered news and community site. Get them while you can." - ERICA PAYNE,
founder of Agenda Project New York, New York