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Behind the Scenes with West Virginia Head Start

MESH Design and Development has been asked by the exceptional folks at West Virginia HeadStart to design a web experience to tell the amazing stories of a few families whose lives have been transformed by their partnership with the organization. Our friends and collaborators, Lauren Stonestreet and Elizabeth Haddad have been travelling around the state, meeting with these families, retelling their touching stories, and capturing beautiful portraits for the website. We can’t wait to show you what we’re all putting together in a few months. We’re just so thrilled to be able to tell the stories of these people and to be working with an organization that is actively changing the lives everyday.

Above:Elizabeth Haddad, writer interviews one mother, Malissa at Ellen’s Ice Cream in Charleston.


A photo by Christopher Schwartz of our photographer, Lauren Stonestreet and writer, Elizabeth Haddad.



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