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Makeshop is our public design space at MESH Charleston. We host code and design workshops, talks, and pop-up events to sharpen our collective skillz.


Makeshop: Coworking, Event and Design Space

Makeshop is a place for collaboration, celebration, prototyping, incubating ideas, and action. Too many bold ideas never come to life because they spend too much time in the thinking stage. Makeshop is a place to try things out, share them with people, and then grow them. We are design thinkers, starters, and makers. Our space is for starting small, thinking big. And we need more people in Appalachia ready to try new things and support eachother. Host an art show, a workshop, an event, a meeting of minds, a pop-up weekend shop. Lean prototype your next entrepreneurial idea.



Makeshop: Kids Tech, Design, + Code Workshops

MESH is hosting a year of kids tech, design, + code workshops with our partner, Ysabel Bombardiere, founder of the first Girls Who Code Clubs in West Virginia. We believe a more vibrant tomorrow can start with curious and playful, innovation-driven, confidence-building action-oriented learning. Our work has always focused on bridging inequitable divides, increasing access to information, and creative problem solving. Now, we’re going direct to tackle these technology divides. Sign your kiddo up for the next workshop, inquire about our teacher training, or sponsor a workshop. Let’s level up.

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