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Megan and Joelle of MESH were lucky to be able to attend this year’s A Better World by Design Conference at RISD and Brown in Providence. The conference brings together designers, thinkers, and innovators from all over the world to discuss socially conscious design and innovation. The weekend was an inspiring three-day extravaganza of brilliant people and the work they do. We saw some great speakers, made new friends, and toured the beautiful town. We were particularly inspired by the Design for America Research and Empathy in Design workshop and Sarah Drummond‘s closing talk. We recommend everyone try to make it next year! We hope to be able to attend next year, and maybe even, *dreaming big here* speak or host a workshop!

Thanks to the whole A Better World by Design team for putting on a great conference!


Recent Posts

Bringing in 2018 in maker style. Catch us on the local radio today in Charleston WTSQ 88.1 at 2pm brainstorming new dreams for this new year ! #makerlife #appalachia
Published on Jan 16, 2018
Three months of intense design work up at the @flatbushcatonmarket in Brooklyn ! It’s been a dream working for this Caribbean Immigrant community, all its entrepreneurs, and all the beautiful goods and artisan objects this market brings to Brooklyn. Always good work collaborating with @urbanedevelopment #flatbush #supportimmigrantbusinesses
Published on Dec 27, 2017
FULL HOUSE at our @bossbabeswv real talk last night. Grateful for all the women (and men!) that showed up for eachother in this room, and hope this momentum is contagious. More vulnerable convos about getting our hands dirty, walking together, owning it, money, real estate, valuing work, balance, and community please. Major props to Kayla of @bossbabes for bringing it all to the table and keeping us in line! Big thanks all the speakers and to Hillary of @kinshipgoods for donating our raffle! Let us know your fav topic of the evening, potential convos you think we should expand on, or suggest other bossbabes for future panels! We’re all ears. This is just the beginning. #bossbabes #bettertogether ( 📷 and all organization of this night brought to you by the incredible @etc.reative) #femaleentrepreneurshipinappalachia
Published on Dec 23, 2017

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