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Rio de Janeiro Opening

Our People Building Better Cities traveling exhibition just launched in Rio de Janeiro at Studio-X Rio — it’s the second stop after the Bangkok, Thailand opening a few weeks ago, with many more stops to come! Follow the site we’ve put together to find out if and when it’s coming to your city….

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WE’RE HIRING! 📢 MESH is looking for just the right person to help us manage our Charleston studio space and coordinate Makeshop through the Fall. 🍂 Are you super organized? Are you highly motivated? Do you dream about creative community spaces? 🤩 If you’re out next intern, check out the job description on our website
Published on Aug 18, 2018
Published on Aug 17, 2018
Everywhere, but especially Charleston, needs more spaces that give thanks to people who work hard to do good things. Makeshop was born from the idea that this space needed to exist, and it needed to be accessible. Artists, makers, dreamers, and doers have all come together to make this idea a real thing. The empty space at 611 was gutted. It was empty, and it’s emptied each day, to make room for the next creative soul to give it life. People (your neighbors, your friends, and you) have filled it with incredible work and experiences. We may have created the physical space of Makeshop, but you ran with it and made it everything we have hoped for.
Published on Aug 16, 2018

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