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Meet SAM COUCH – our amazing, intelligent, creative, design-smart, computer-keen, code-clever, idea-generating summer intern. Sam returned to Charleston for the summer from sunny University of Southern California (USC) to come to our office everyday and serve as our in-house DJ, among other talents. This summer, along with some ice-cream scooping on the side, he has art directed photo-shoots, worked with clients, brought his google experience to the table and sharpened our senses to google+, and even had his design option chosen for his first site. We are sad to let him go tomorrow, and the studio will be a little quieter without his music, but we are super excited to see where he goes. Look out for Sam down the line – he may just invent the next digital start-up, or global radio, or human-computer interaction system! TO SAM – have a great year back at USC and get a live-stream on your radio station so we can tune in!!!!

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Cheersing to our rock solid computer programmer SHAUN on this first day of his next rotation around the sun. MESH is lucky to have this gentle giant of a man who inspires us to reinvent ourselves over and over (he lived a former life as an accountant in nc before he decided to move to the mountain state and learn to code) - to love dogs like humans - to drink ALOT of coffee - and to be an even better version of ourselves, and our beards, everyday. #hbday🎂 #studiolife #meshdesign #codelove #beardgoals @shaundover
Published on Mar 14, 2018
Can we just talk about these women doing the work in Brooklyn? @flatbushcatonmarket / @urbanedevelopment crew guesting MESH Brooklyn studio today with all their grace and glory. It’s a privilege to work with game changers and community-makers like these women. We think this is the first time we’ve seen these folks outside the market- therefore a v momentous occasion for us all. ❤️🙌
Published on Mar 10, 2018
HAPPY WOMAN DAY YALL. Celebrating lifetimes of empowering women around the world. Here’s to all the ladies who got us here, to the ones we work with, to the ones we work for. To the feminine within each of us. To solidarity. To togetherness. Happy International Womyns day folks. Take a moment to honor all the females that got you here. (Book cover design by us for the lovely global Huariou Commission for grassroots organizing of women, homes, & community)
Published on Mar 08, 2018

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