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When an organization, company, or project is navigating several ideas, goals, or other moving pieces at once, a solid communication strategy is a crucial tool in creating clear and holistic messages that remain aligned with a brand.

With every project, MESH relies on our own particular approach to design in order to solve clients’ communication problems. Communication strategy is the fundamental building block of our approach, allowing us to process the ideas and ideals of a client and determine the best vehicles to visually communicate complex, layered messages in easy, accessible, and approachable ways. Each tangible generated by the strategy is guided by engagement statistics, gathered both before and after the project is completed, in order to accrue quantitative information about what is working and what needs to be adapated.

Brand Identity

Your organization’s identity is the unique, cohesive compilation of its name, culture, personality, reputation, ideals, and values.

We consider all of these vital aspects when designing an identity and creating complementary visuals. MESH will work with you to hone your core message, your services, and how you want to be perceived by your target audiences. We then build a visual identity, complete with a logo, identity colorway, and typography. For larger companies, we develop corporate visual guidelines so your brand is consistently represented across all media by each arm of your organization. For established brands, we can modernize your existing logo, or help reinvent your style with a new, fresh aesthetic — always sustaining the equity already built with your original visual identity.

Website Design
and Development

We don’t just make websites — we extend brand identities into online media to build complete and vibrant communication platforms.

MESH websites convey important information; connect audiences to organizations, campaigns, and more via social media; and collect quantitative audience engagement statistics. Every website is custom designed to our clients’ needs, providing an online presence that feels seamless with your organization as a whole. We use the most current web technologies and offer monthly services so your site can continually evolve with online media. We also offer mobile solutions to ensure the best experience for your users with any device. Our services allow you to expand your audience and promote beyond your local demographic, with sites that are easily traceable and compatible across all browsers.


We love the fresh, straight-off-the-press smell of ink.

A carefully-designed piece of print work can no longer afford to be considered a throw-away item. Every print piece we design is created with a longer lifespan in mind, beyond the journey from your hands to your audience. At MESH, we design print pieces as keepsakes — whether they are hung as posters, tucked into inspiration boards, or reused with new, innovative functions, our print materials are dynamic and inspiring pieces with lives of their own. We extend brand identities into print by creating functional and unique packages, such as stationary, business cards, and letterhead; promotional items, palm cards, and posters; and commercial packaging containers, labels, and stickers. We also work in book and publication design, from cover design to typsetting.


Sometimes a package can live beyond its contents — at MESH, we believe that packaging can be a highly designed, beautiful object unto itself.

When designing a package, we consider the entire sensory experience of its consumer, rather than its visual aesthetic alone.  The feel of a package — the way it opens and closes — and even the way it smells can all affect a user’s experience as much as its print graphics. We also always consider the second-life of a package: can it be reused? Or refilled? Can it become a piece of artwork to be cherished on its own? Today’s market is saturated with so much throw-away packaging — we believe in creating smart and sustainable products that reflect both our values and the values of a progressive, forward-thinking audience.




Our design work goes beyond print and web — MESH is award-winning when it comes to exhibitions, some of which can be seen around the world.

Whether we are designing a website, a business card, or an exhibition, we always keep the same principles in mind. We consider our audience and the way they engage with and experience the story behind the work, as well as how quickly and clearly they can digest the information presented to them. Similar to our site design, we grapple with large bundles of information in order to create a communication strategy, ultimately building the best possible vehicles to display thoughtfully curated content. Our exhibitions are designed systematically so they can be reproduced and travel when needed.