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Makeshop: Kids Tech, Design, + Code Workshops

Come hang out and get creative with our 2017 workshop series

App Makers for Kids!

March 4, 2017
MESH Charleston
Come hang out and get creative with MESH App Makers for Kids! Kids will learn to create Apps using MIT App Inventor from our hosts Ysabel Bombardiere and Josh Dodd.

The workshop is an introduction on how to make a functioning App for Android based smart phones or tablets.  With a some easy drag and drop features attendees can make a simple App that talks AND design their own App (no computer science knowledge needed)! The App can be installed in phones or tablets and can be shared with friends. After the workshop, we hope that kids are encouraged to keep exploring and create their own Apps that provide a benefits to their community. Exploration, Curiosity and Creativity encouraged.

Intro to Python using Codesters!

June 24, 2017
MESH Charleston
It’s the 10 Year Anniversary!! Scratch Days inspire people to make and share creative projects everywhere. If the kids at the Scratch Workshop love it as much as we do, we’re hosting a Global Scratch Day Celebration, one of so many around the country, right here at MESH !!

Video + Game Animators: Scratch Coding for Kids!

April 22, 2017
MESH Charleston
Always wanted to make games or show everyone how to do your favorite dance moves? Now’s your chance! MESH Video and Game Animators: Scratch Coding for Kids, hosted by MESH Design and Development, will teach kids how to make their own animations and music videos using Scratch with Ysabel Bombardiere and Josh Dodd. You’ll leave the class with your very own animation or music video to share online, and to work on and improve even after the class is over. Taking this class with us allows you access to our Scratch MESH Makeshop page to make even more of your own animations in Scratch in your own home!

Yo! Photoshop 101

Date announced soon !
MESH Charleston
Want to know how to manipulate pixel images in the world of the internet? Join us in this intro to photoshop and jump into an endless world of digital making.

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