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We use design and technology as powerful tools to tell stories, transform perceptions, make information more accessible, connect people, and improve quality of life. To us, problems are just opportunities in disguise. We tackle communication problems through three fundamental principles.


Our work is human-centric. Human-centric design allows us to constantly focus on how our products relate to people. In branding, this means considering strengths, opportunities, and missed opportunities, and analyzing how they affect people’s perceptions, feelings, and loyalty towards a brand. In web, this means creating an online experience that is user-centered. In this process we consider how a person feels when they engage; how they relate to the stories shared (through multi-media messaging); and how they can feel part of the experience through well-considered interaction design (and not just a viewer of it).


Our work is based on systems design processes and outcomes. A strongly designed web platform,  brand, or communication campaign  is a system of parts that all support one another. Systems design helps to simplify complex bulks of information so they are more easily accessible, digestible, and shareable. Systems design accounts for how every decision affects all other decisions, and allows us as designers to look for sympathetic relationships and patterns in information, visual forms, and functionality. In designing a visual system, every part is considered and conveys something to the viewer, serving as a subtle visual signifier that reinforces an organization’s identity and builds trust with audiences.



Our process is collaborative and immersive. In order to provide the best possible solutions for each project, Studio Mesh believes in immersing ourselves into a client organization and learning the in and outs, from their vision and mission to the organizational culture. This allows us to truly understand the communication issues at hand and gives us the best opportunity to provide a solution that aligns with the organization’s ideals, vision, and goals. We partner with people and organizations that are doing work we believe in and we are proud to be a part of their vision.

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