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Ideas beyond our wildest dreams with the kids of Boys&Girls Club up in our Charleston west side studio the past few weeks! We've mapped out our community assets, our challenges, and we're working together to invent new ideas to make our neighborhood even more awesome, all along the way learning Adobe illustrator and introductory coding! Atticus is designing a hamster logo for his dream neighborhood game shop, Zoey is designing a butterfly public art installation she wants on the west side, the teens are designing a business plan for the BAKING QUEENS, Amaya and Kayla are strategizing their upcycling business, Kevin and Zaiden and Parker are coding penguin games, Jakayah coded an entire Mondrian, Jaylin and Ryshad are designing their own dinodog collecting game, Damien designed a cat park! We're exploring topics from environmental justice to drugs and guns in our neighborhoods to gender identity to our need for safer parks and in general, more cats. In awe of the passion and creativity these kids are bringing into the MESH Studio this summer. Simple access to the resources and tools available to so many in bigger cities can be the first step toward a more equitable future. Thanks to Kanawha Valley Council of Philanthropy for making this summer pilot partnership possible! #makeshopappalachia #ideasthatmatter #designcanchangetheworld #designfuture #lookingatappalachia #almostheaven #makeshop #entreprenuership #youthentrepreneur #ruralrevival #kidswhocode #crw #charlestonwv
Published on Jul 11, 2019
It begins. #makeshopappalachia #techfuture #ruralrevival #codingforkids #designcanchangetheworld #charlestonwv
Published on Jul 02, 2019
Shop local! Grow your backyard garden! Support the arts! Celebrate Entrepreneurship! A throwaway design sketch we did 9 years ago for the old West Side Main Street that they never used- a decade later the messaging we wrote here seems ever relevant— gardens poppin up everywhere, arts and entrepreneurship budding- things have been happening in this little neighborhood! Just one of our many #rejects , Up in our studio this month! If you want it, come through and it’s yours :) @iammainstreet @mainstreetamerica #gotowv #charlestonwv
Published on Jul 01, 2019

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